The Magic of Tomorrow™

Robert Ian is a change strategist, keynote speaker and business entertainer. He will astound you with magic, illusion and the power of suggestion. Even more, he’ll get you thinking in new ways about work, life and success.

Robert expands minds and alters paradigms with his interactive and hilarious entertainment. He can kickoff your event and set the stage for your educational sessions. As the conference finale, he will leave your audience buzzing with excitement long after the show is over. 

Identify, Master & Conquer Change™

Robert helps individuals and organizational leaders break mental barriers and achieve immediate performance breakthroughs by transforming rapid change into powerful new opportunities.

Robert discusses leadership in a changing world, work-life balance and how to succeed in challenging times. Your audience will walk away with more perspective, more understanding, more options and more solutions for conquering change.

Entertainment, Keynote Speaking or BOTH

Results Are The Best Credentials

Over 300 U.S. Radio & TV Appearances
Over 500 Global New Media Appearances
Over 2000 Individual Clients Worldwide
Over 3000 Shows, Speeches & Seminars

Any Size Audience

Board retreats of several dozen. Meetings of several hundred. Conferences up to 5000.

Customized Message

Can be tailored with information about your organization, industry or conference theme.

Flexible Length

45 to 75 minute format allows time for introductions, awards, Q&A or other agenda items.

Easy Booking

Secure your program with a 50% deposit or prepaid discount. Fee includes airfare.