Event Type: State Convention
Speaker Booked: Robert Ian
Topic Selected: Hypnosis and the Magic of Your Mind™

Client Background

A state financial organization wanted an evening of 100% entertainment and no message. A decade earlier they had booked and enjoyed a prominent national hypnotist who was now retired.

Selection Criteria

The organization’s president wanted to create an evening of interactive, side-splitting, laugh out loud fun.

Program Specifics

60 minutes

8:30 pm

600 people

Local Conference Center

Achieving Excellence

Tiered fee schedule for Las Vegas, U.S. and international events. U.S. programs include airfare. Discounts may apply. Please contact our office for a written proposal.

Topic Selected

Hypnosis and the Magic of Your Mind™ was booked purely for its entertainment value. No message and no customization was needed.

Outcome Achieved

The banquet entertainment unlocked previously unknown talents and creative abilities from member participants. Staff and attendees buzzed with affirmative and enthusiastic comments for the remainder of the convention.