Event Type: Vendor Conference
Speaker Booked: Robert Ian
Topic Selected: Identify, Master and Conquer Change™

Client Background

A tool and equipment retailer was conducting its annual vendor conference for store managers and wanted an entertaining speaker who could discuss the hidden opportunities of rapid change.

Selection Criteria

The client wanted a closing speaker who could punctuate the morning presentations of company executives by discussing how to transform rapid change into new – and actionable – opportunities during the coming year.

Program Specifics

45 minutes

11:15 am

300 people

Civic Center Auditorium

Grand Prix Racing

Tiered fee schedule for Las Vegas, U.S. and international events. U.S. programs include airfare. Discounts may apply. Please contact our office for a written proposal.

Topic Selected

The management team responded to an inquiry from Robert Ian. Following a conference call to discuss the scope of the annual vendor conference including the changes and challenges facing store managers, Identify, Master and Conquer Change™ was selected as the closing presentation.

Outcome Achieved

Precision performance. Company executive serving as emcee commented Robert’s talk finished precisely at the 45 minute mark – keeping the schedule running on time like a fine watch. The one word summary of Robert’s presentation was “wow” referring to the entertainment and relevant message provided to store managers.