Good-Natured Hypnotic Suggestion

Under good-natured hypnotic suggestion, volunteers from your audience sing like Rock Stars, talk like Martians and become their favorite celebrities and entertainers.

Side-Splitting Laughter

Side-splitting laughter erupts when participants become the stars of the show and do all kinds of entertaining and hilarious things.

Limitless Possibilities

What if you could become a drill sergeant, a race car driver, an opera singer or even your favorite politician? The possibilities are limitless! Each show is different and can be customized based on current events and industry happenings.

Clean, Tasteful and Fun

You’ll laugh out loud as Robert unlocks your imagination and tickles your funny bone with entertainment that is clean, tasteful and fun. Robert’s philosophy is “when in doubt, leave it out”. This allows you to rest easy knowing your audience will be thoroughly entertained without being embarrassed. This conservative performance ethic is one reason Robert is hired over and over again by America’s most prestigious and demanding corporations and trade associations.

Bottom-Line Message

Unless customized, Robert’s closing message (when included) will often discuss: how chance favors the prepared mind and how we become what we think about. Other discussion points include: how positive suggestions are the building blocks of employee praise, customer service and effective communication and how you can leverage the power of your mind to become anyone you want to be!

Origin of Show

Robert began his career entertaining at the former Lake Geneva Playboy Club. Over the years, he has transitioned from entertainer to business speaker to consultant. However, he still performs his Hypnosis Show at meetings and conventions worldwide. If you want to leave your audience rolling in the aisle with laughter and deliver a powerful motivational message on the power of the mind, then this is the program for you. Many organizations book Robert as the keynote speaker and utilize his Hypnosis Show as banquet entertainment.

“Your hypnosis show was the best closing session we’ve had in years. A GIANT HIT!” 

Independent Insurance Agents

Hypnosis and the Magic of Your Mind™ is often presented as 100% entertainment with no message.

For those situations where you want to establish a framework for subsequent keynotes or breakouts, Robert will conclude his show with a relevant message that reflects your theme, tie-ins to other presentations or customized content. This can provide an “anchor point” for your executives (and other speakers) to refer back to when making their presentations.

Book Hypnosis and the Magic of Your Mind™ with a second topic (Identify, Master and Conquer Change™, The Magic of Tomorrow™ or Expanding the Power of Your Mind™) for a double-length (combination) program (1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs). Combination programs deliver a one-two punch of entertainment and motivation creating a dynamic synergy that will please even the most seasoned conference attendee.

  • 45-75 minutes in length.
  • Good-natured hypnotic suggestion.
  • Clean, tasteful and fun.
  • Ideal for banquet entertainment, general sessions, luncheons and keynotes.
  • Can be easily combined with Robert’s other presentations (combination programs) to create double length (up to half day) events.
  • Can be customized with information about your organization and event.
  • Customized topics can include your theme, sales message, recognition of award recipients or a dramatic call to action.
  • Ideal for large audiences. Can be presented for groups of 50 to 5000 people.
  • Audience participation! 10-14 volunteers from your audience are utilized for the performance.

Hypnosis Show FAQ

This hasn’t happened in over 3000 shows, speeches and seminars worldwide. Robert is a master at the art of stage hypnosis. He understands the dynamics of group psychology. This enables him to instantly develop trust and rapport with each audience he entertains. Robert creates a positive environment in which audience members feel safe, comfortable and willing to participate. There are often many more volunteers than available space on stage.
This is the most commonly heard statement. Groups are different, but when it comes to hypnosis they are very much alike. Everyone enjoys having fun. Robert quickly identifies the comfort level of each audience and tailors his show appropriately. Doctors, lawyers, farmers, managers, engineers, teachers, sales people, college students, company presidents and professionals of every kind have experienced Robert’s highly acclaimed program. No group is too sophisticated to have a good time. The more conservative your audience, the more you’ll want to book Robert. He makes the “impossible” achievable.
Robert’s philosophy is “when in doubt, leave it out”. Respect for his volunteers is Robert’s foremost consideration in each performance. Even though people do some silly things on stage, each demonstration is presented using good-natured hypnotic suggestion. Everyone has fun. This allows you to rest easy knowing your audience will be thoroughly entertained without being embarrassed. This conservative performance ethic is one reason Robert is hired over and over again by America’s most prestigious and demanding corporations and trade associations.
Even if you’ve already booked a musical act, you’ll still want to book Robert’s show. Independent research with hundreds of meeting planners has revealed an ever-increasing trend: people are dancing less and less. After the first few songs, people leave the ballroom. You end up spending big bucks for a band that only a small percentage of your guests get a chance to enjoy. The hypnosis show comes right after dinner. Everyone gets a chance to enjoy it. Even if people skip the band, you’ve given them an interactive, entertaining program to close out the evening.
Yes. In fact, Robert’s show is the perfect vehicle to get your dance off to a successful start. Using post-hypnotic suggestion, Robert cues his volunteers so that when he says a certain word like “microphone”, they head to the dance floor and begin dancing to the first song of the evening. Successful transitions are everything and this is one of the best.
Absolutely. Hypnosis is nothing more than the power of suggestion. Even though it resembles sleep, there is no “trance”. Participants experience a heightened sense of awareness and concentration. In essence, people close their eyes and participate in a progressive relaxation exercise. Robert leads each participant in a role playing game with their mind. Under Robert’s skillful guidance, participants act out entertaining suggestions and become the stars of the show.
In other words, how do I get them to “buy in” to a decision I’ve already made? Simple. Show them Robert’s website and videos. Have them read his endorsements. If you’re having a committee meeting, set up an appointment so Robert can address your group by conference call, WebEx or GoTo Meeting. The rest is easy. One call does it all.