Mind Magic

Robert will astound you with magic, illusion and the power of suggestion. You will scratch your head in amazement as predictions are made and verified and unspoken thoughts are revealed.

Challenge Your Perception of Reality

Robert will challenge your perception of reality as three randomly selected lottery numbers are found engraved on the back of his car key. Or, as a borrowed $100 bill is autographed and burned to ashes, only to be discovered fully restored inside a grapefruit!

Miracles From Across The Room

You will quit trying to figure it out and give into the magic as Robert reveals a shuffled poker hand, your birth date and how much change someone has in their pocket, all from across the room.

“Your show was right on the money and one of the best closings we’ve ever had.”


The Magic of Tomorrow™ is often presented as 100% entertainment with no message.

For those situations where you want to establish a framework for subsequent keynotes or breakouts, Robert will conclude his show with a relevant message that reflects your theme, tie-ins to other presentations or other customized content. This can provide an “anchor point” for your executives (and other speakers) to refer back to when making their presentations.

Book The Magic of Tomorrow™ with a second topic (Hypnosis and the Magic of Your Mind™, Identify, Master and Conquer Change™ or Expanding the Power of Your Mind™) for a double-length (combination) program (1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs). Combination programs deliver a one-two punch of entertainment and motivation creating a dynamic synergy that will please even the most seasoned conference attendee.

  • 45-60 minutes in length.
  • Magic, illusion and the power of suggestion.
  • Ideal for banquet entertainment, general sessions, luncheons and keynotes.
  • Can be easily combined with Robert’s other presentations (combination programs) to create double length (up to half day) events.
  • Can be customized with information about your organization and event.
  • Customized topics can include your theme, sales message, recognition of award recipients or a dramatic call to action.
  • Ideal for any size audience.