The only speaker we have used twice, and would consider using a third time ★★★★★  Time, Inc.

Elevated Our Meeting Experience ★★★★★

Your presence elevated our meeting experience.  The O.N. Equity Sales Company

Best Closing Session in Years ★★★★★

Your show was the best closing session we’ve had in years. A GIANT HIT!  Independent Insurance Agents

First-Class ★★★★★

Robert…you are a first-class act.  Lou Holtz — Legendary Head Football Coach

Extraordinary ★★★★★

Extraordinary motivational message!  Sysco Foods

Astounding ★★★★★

Absolutely astounding!  Blue Cross Blue Shield

Excellent ★★★★★

Excellent…have him back!  Farm Credit Services

Thank you for making our closing entertainment so successful  ★★★★★  Utah League of Credit Unions

Perfect Opener ★★★★★

Perfect opener for our kickoff dinner.  Nexus

Spectacular ★★★★★

Spectacular Presentation!  GE Healthcare

Great Job ★★★★★

You did a great a job as always.  Dining Alliance

Thought Provoking ★★★★★

Absolutely fascinating and thought-provoking.  Rotary Club of Nashville

Thoroughly Enjoyed ★★★★★

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your magic! The General® Insurance

Feats of Bedazzlement ★★★★★

Everybody raved about your ability to “wow” them with your feats of bedazzlement! Marriott International

Your performance at our Annual Corporate Sales Meeting was absolutely astounding!  ★★★★★  Excellus

You Were the Best ★★★★★

Of the 33 speakers on the schedule, you were the best.  Associated General Contractors

Performer Who Can Do It All ★★★★★

A performer who can do it all — motivate, amaze and entertain our members!  AIIA

Educational and Fun ★★★★★

A great way to start off our Annual Meeting – educational and fun!  SD Automobile Dealers Assn

Best Presentation ★★★★★

The best presentation of the whole session!  Independent Professional Seed Assn

Astounding Success ★★★★★

Thank you for making our Annual Safety & Health Congress an astounding success. WI Council of Safety

Very Well Received ★★★★★

Very well received. Thank you for an excellent presentation.  MN Bankers Assn

Dynamic presentation and tie-in to our business  ★★★★★  National Guardian Life Insurance

Ideal for the Kickoff ★★★★★

Your performance was ideal for the kickoff of our conference. Absolutely excellent!  Hi-Cone

Exceeded Our Expectations ★★★★★

You exceeded our expectations with your mind-boggling performance.  Perdue Farms

Recalled All 85 Names ★★★★★

The most astounding part was when you recalled all 85 names of our international group! AgReliant Genetics

Consistently Excellent ★★★★★

Meeting participants rated your presentation consistently excellent. WATDA

New and Refreshing ★★★★★

New and refreshing as well as entertaining and funny! Apartment Assn of NM

How Did He Do That? ★★★★★

The question of ‘how did he do that?’ resonated throughout the event. WI Broadcasters Assn

People Magazine was right, you are amazing  ★★★★★  Sysco Food Services

Astonished ★★★★★

Our members were astonished by your magic and mind reading. Lawnwood Regional Medical Center

The BEST Mentalist/Hypnotist ★★★★★

Two of our guests (have done 15 cruises) said you are the BEST mentalist/hypnotist they have ever seen! TRI

One of Your Best ★★★★★

You are always good, but this presentation was one of your best!  HRM Marketing

Terrific Show ★★★★★

Thank you for the terrific show. Everyone was very pleased with the program. WICSA

Incredible Illusions ★★★★★

You were outstanding. Our customers are still talking about your incredible illusions. Westvaco

Well-Spoken and Entertaining ★★★★★

Robert Ian was wonderful. Well-spoken and entertaining. Apartment Assn of Greater Orlando

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