Leadership in a Changing World™

Embrace, Conquer and Lead Change | 45 to 90 minute executive level keynote or breakout

Discover how to accelerate your thought leadership and inspire others toward greater success.

The world is awash in change. Innovation is surging. Resources are stretched. Success is more competitive. As a result, leaders today are faced with an expanding matrix of overlapping challenges. In this executive-level keynote, change and leadership expert Robert Ian will discuss how to crystalize your focus and succeed in challenging times by learning to anticipate the future – and act on it in advance.

Experience Business Theater™ As an entertainer, Robert will astound you with magic, illusion and the power of your mind. As an educator, he will transform your ability to embrace, conquer and lead change. As a motivator, he will show how the content of his remarks can be applied personally and professionally. His presentations never fail to challenge and entertain.

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