Cocktail Reception/VIP Magic™

Personalized small group entertainment | Card tricks, mind magic & sleight of hand illusions

People tend to gather in small groups during a cocktail reception or VIP event. This can sometimes make it challenging for guests to network with new people and may even lead to feelings of isolation in an otherwise crowded room.

Robert Ian helps you solve this networking challenge by mingling throughout the crowd performing card tricks, mind magic and sleight of hand illusions.

Your guests will feel relaxed, comfortable and willing to participate as Robert’s positive energy and interactive communication style gets people mixing and talking and having a good time. 

You may even find yourself Snapchatting or Instagramming your friends as the magic happens in your hands. Experience what you’ve only seen on television up-close and in-person.

Entertain your guests at receptions, trade shows, client dinners, hospitality suites and VIP events without the need (or formality) of a full group presentation.

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Bedazzlement ★★★★★

Everybody just raved about your ability to “wow” them with your feats of bedazzlement! Marriott International