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Robert Ian Magician Speaker | TRUSTED PARTNER ✭✭✭✭✭ | Over 3000 Successful Meetings Worldwide 

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MESSAGE FROM ROBERT IAN | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

Attention Meeting Planners: Make Your Next Meeting A BIG HIT! | Entertainment Plus A Message

Outstanding performance! Your enthusiasm and energy was felt throughout the room
and people were talking about it for days after…  ★★★★★  US Foods

Robert Ian helps individuals, teams and organizational leaders embrace, conquer and lead change. He will astound you with magic, illusion and the power of your mind. Even more, Robert will get you thinking in new ways about work, life and success. Experience the impossible as predictions are made and verified and unspoken thoughts are revealed. Discover how to transform rapid change into powerful new opportunities. Millions of laughs. Thousands of appearances. One amazing show.

Results are the best credentials. Robert has served as a trusted partner at over 3000 successful meetings worldwide. Event planners, executive directors & CEOs at America’s most prestigious and demanding corporations, associations & professional organizations have booked – and re-booked Robert Ian – over and over again – to speak and entertain at their meetings, conferences & special events. For over two decades, Robert has made stars out of his audiences and heroes out of his clients. Let him do the same for you!

The only speaker we have used twice, and would consider using a third time ★★★★★  Time, Inc.

THE MAGIC OF TOMORROW™ | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

(45-50 minute entertainment show)

Illusions of the mind. Experience the impossible as predictions are made and verified and unspoken thoughts are revealed. You’ll quit trying to figure it out and give into the magic as Robert reveals a shuffled poker hand… your birthdate… and how much change someone has in their pocket… all from across the room. Leaves even the most sophisticated audiences buzzing with excitement long after the show is over. Millions of laughs. Thousands of appearances. One amazing show.

Extraordinary ★★★★★

Extraordinary motivational message!  Sysco Foods

Astounding ★★★★★

Absolutely astounding!  Blue Cross Blue Shield

Excellent ★★★★★

Excellent…have him back!  Farm Credit Services

Elevated Our Meeting Experience ★★★★★

Your presence elevated our meeting experience.  The O.N. Equity Sales Company

Fabulous Magician and Speaker ★★★★★

You are a fabulous magician and speaker. The best we’ve ever seen!  HCA

First-Class Act ★★★★★

Robert…you are a first-class act.  Lou Holtz — Legendary Head Football Coach

EMBRACE CONQUER & LEAD CHANGE™ | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

(45-50 minute keynote speech or general session)

Transform rapid change into powerful new opportunities. Interactive keynote for individuals, teams and organizational leaders. Embrace, conquer and lead change. Expand your thought leadership. Pinpoint your greatest challenge. Succeed in challenging times. Discover the greatest secret never told. You’ll walk away with more perspective, more understanding, more options and more solutions for conquering change.

Thank you for making our closing entertainment so successful  ★★★★★  Utah League of Credit Unions

COCKTAIL RECEPTION MAGIC™ | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

(45-50 minutes of small group entertainment | pre-show ice-breaker)

If you’re planning a cocktail reception, Robert can mingle throughout the crowd performing card tricks, mind magic and sleight of hand illusions to get people mixing and talking and having a good time. This personalized entertainment will be one of the most talked about and memorable parts of your event. If the reception precedes an after-dinner show, it can be included as a no-cost option.

Perfect Opener ★★★★★

Perfect opener for our kickoff dinner.  Nexus

Spectacular ★★★★★

Spectacular Presentation!  GE Healthcare

Great Job ★★★★★

You did a great a job as always.  Dining Alliance

Thought Provoking ★★★★★

Absolutely fascinating and thought-provoking.  Rotary Club of Nashville

Recalled All 85 Names ★★★★★

It was astounding when you recalled all 85 names of our international group! AgReliant Genetics

Feats of Bedazzlement ★★★★★

Everybody raved about your ability to “wow” them with feats of bedazzlement! Marriott International

EXCELLENCE IN ANY VENUE | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

Savvy meeting planners will often book Robert for a keynote on change & leadership followed by an after-dinner entertainment show — or — for awards banquet entertainment followed by a keynote the next morning. Some clients combine both programs into a 90 minute opening, closing or general session presentation that will rock the house! Many clients book a single program (keynote or entertainment show) as a feature presentation.

You Were the Best ★★★★★

Of the 33 speakers on the schedule, you were the best.  Associated General Contractors

Performer Who Can Do It All ★★★★★

A performer who can do it all — motivate, amaze and entertain our members!  AIIA

Educational and Fun ★★★★★

A great way to start off our Annual Meeting – educational and fun!  SD Automobile Dealers Assn

Very Well Received ★★★★★

Very well received. Thank you for an excellent presentation.  MN Bankers Assn

Astounding Success ★★★★★

You made our Annual Safety & Health Congress an astounding success. WI Council of Safety

Best Presentation ★★★★★

The best presentation of the whole session!  Independent Professional Seed Assn

ENTERTAINMENT AND MOTIVATION | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

Entertainment shows can be 100% entertainment (no message) — or — can be blended with a light (10-20%) message and conclude on a positive (motivational) note — (or tie-in your conference theme). Keynotes include a small amount of entertainment (10-20%) to open and close the presentation — or — can be blended with a higher ratio of entertainment (up to 50%) to lighten the message and increase the fun. Robert will work with you to identify the best format (entertain, educate, motivate) based on the specifics of your event including venue, time slot and objective.

Dynamic presentation and tie-in to our business  ★★★★★  National Guardian Life Insurance

MAKE YOUR NEXT MEETING A BIG HIT! | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

As an entertainer, Robert will astound you with illusions of the mind. As an educator, he will transform your ability to embrace, conquer and lead change. As a motivator, he will show how the content of his remarks can be applied personally and professionally. His presentations never fail to challenge and entertain.

People Magazine was right, you are amazing!  ★★★★★  Sysco Food Services

INVITE ROBERT TO SPEAK & ENTERTAIN | Robert Ian | Las Vegas Magician Speaker

With an unbroken track record of rave reviews from over 3000 corporations, associations and professional organizations worldwide, Robert Ian has the experience to help you make your next meeting an enjoyable and memorable triumph. One your audience will thank you for again and again.