Transform Rapid Change Into Powerful New Opportunities

  • Interactive Keynote
  • Entertainment and Motivation
  • Discover the Greatest Secret Never Told

Embrace Conquer & Lead Change™

45-60 Minute Keynote | (individuals, teams & organizational leaders)

Transform rapid change into powerful new opportunities. Interactive keynote for individuals, teams and organizational leaders will help you embrace, conquer and lead both personal and professional change. Discover why the secret to conquering change is being prepared for it.

Anticipate the future, so you can act on it in advance. Change creates opportunities that often remain hidden until after the fact. In the meantime, change can result in stress, fear and uncertainty.

In this dynamic keynote, change and leadership expert Robert Ian will discuss how to:  1) expand your thought leadership; 2) pinpoint your greatest challenge; 3) succeed in challenging times; 4) discover the greatest secret never told. You’ll walk away with more perspective, more understanding, more options and more solutions for conquering change.

Entertainment that gets down to business. As an entertainer, Robert will astound you with magic, illusion and the power of your mind. As an educator, he will transform your ability to embrace, conquer and lead change. As a motivator, he will show how the content of his remarks can be applied personally and professionally. His presentations never fail to challenge and entertain.



Anticipate the future. Act on it in advance.  ★★★★★  Robert Ian

THE MAGIC of TOMORROW™ | 45 minutes of entertainment & motivation with ILLUSIONS of the MIND that will fool you in ways you never thought possible

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